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What Your Gift Supports

Every school year, we are delighted at what students learn through our programs, all of which support classroom learning goals. And independent evaluations of our work demonstrate that our approach is working. The arts help students explore subjects in ways that are active, enjoyable and memorable. It is so inspiring to see students' engaged and witness their aha! moments when they learn through the arts.

We've seen struggling math students suddenly grasp what one-eighth meant when asked to color a grid one-quarter purple and one-eight yellow in art class.

We've read notes from 2nd graders who were surprised to discover that lighting and costumes have a huge impact on how they feel about characters on a stage.

We've seen students explore the complex emotions of their daily lives by writing stories about what life would be like as a superhero.

And we've seen and heard how our programs benefit students' social and emotional needs during uncertain times and as we strive to return to normalcy. 

Deep, personal experiences like these are what make Hartford Performs' programs so powerful and so joyful.

You make them possible when you support Hartford Performs.

Your gift in 2021 will fund:

  • the return of in-person programming with teachers and students
  • opportunities for students to create and discover
  • age-appropriate content that supports academic and social-emotional learning
  • offsite field trips when school and venue safety protocols can be met
  • virtual programs to complement and enhance in-school programs
  • professional learning opportunities for teachers, literacy coaches and teaching artists

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